Errant Books began in January 2021 as an online shop set up to celebrate and share odd ideas and improbable yet brilliant books: unlikely how-to guides for better living, meditative photography, art to make you pause, writing to reflect upon.

Books that somehow came into being, miraculously, against the odds, which I realise is a way of inferring that all things in the world and the  universe, including you and your wildest ideas and creations are potentially miraculous too.

If we’re not quite ready to follow our instictive desire to simply melt into cosmic union with the forests and the universe, then we might be able to spend a bit of time exploring and pursuing open-ended excursions into reading, following loose threads of ideas, looking slowly, dwelling in someone else's thoughts: I reckon all of this helps.

Thankyou for your support of independent bookselling, small scale publishing and all the creative geniuses whose books I adore to share and sell.

Read all night, dream all day.

Simon Armstrong, Errant Books.