1,2,3... Couleur! L'Autochrome exposee

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Autochrome photography appeared in 1907 and heralded the arrival of colour photography. It lasted a couple of decades before falling out of favour. It was a difficult medium, the works fragile, hard to display, impossible to reproduce, yet autochrome images remain uniquely beautiful, sensual and strange.

Here is a visually stunning collection of them, images made in the 1920’s and 1930’s, in a neat and affordable exhibition book that Errant have scooped up on your behalf, from the current show at Jeu De Paume in Paris, exhibiting until May 28th 2023.

The book contains loads of brilliantly radiant and slightly spooky images, alongside texts in both French and English that provide the full story behind of Autochrome photography.

A big recommend for great images at a sweet price.