D.F.W. by Ray Fong (aka Barry McGee)

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Minty fresh condition RARE original book-zine from 2008, published by PAM Books (Perks and Mini).

Ray Fong AKA Robert Pimple AKA Barry McGee is a San Franciscan graffiti artist turned artist turned graffiti artist turned artist. Tramp art, surfing, tagging, bicycles and ‘youth gone mad’ are combined to give Ray Fong his visual language of anguish, triumph, and fun.

Barry has exhibited worldwide at Dietch NYC, Walker Art Centre Minneaopolis, NGV Melbourne and Watari Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. And many alleyways, fire hydrants, phone booths, back doors and bus shelters throughout many cities.

PB018. First Edition of 1000 copies. 2008.