Dreaming About Tomorrow - Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck

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Book as hopeful seed. Even with our awareness of the climate emergency, are we still brave and strong enough to hope and dream of a better tomorrow?

This small and elegant publication follows on from the exhibition Dreaming About Tomorrow at Nidi Gallery (Tokyo) back in October 2022. Both the exhibition and publication feature recent paintings, some in oil, others using natural pigments, including some created from plants grown in the artist's allotment.

Also featured here are photographs from Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck's ongoing series Analog Diary and unique collaborative works with ceramic designer Olivia Fiddes (UK) and weaver Pauline Simonet (France), as well as The Gardening Drawing Club and the Seed Library set up at Nidi Gallery.

A new essay by PhD holder and Oslo University-based researcher Veronika Muchitsch as a written response to the project rounds out this book.

Published by Poetic Pastel Press, 44 pages, 23 × 17 cm, Paperback.