Flow - Akane Nakajima

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“Flow” is a small fold out concertina book of watercolor drawings by the Tokyo-based painter Akane Nakajima. Nakajima won the 11th Graphic “1_WALL” Grand Prix in 2014, and has been continuously presenting her works ever since.

The unique form of the book and the sequence of abstract paintings in pale, earthly colours makes "Flow" a tactile, meditative pause, providing the viewer a space for imagination and reflection - the essential missing elements of modern life.

In Flow, Nakajima uses watercolours to mimic the sensation of touching a leaf, or running your hand along a small branch. We find leaves of plants bathed in strong sunlight, shadows cast on asphalt, light purple petals in the evening, and withered grass. Nakajima’s unique sensibility emerges as she incorporates small everyday observations into her drawings. The ribbon that holds the concertina book in place has been colour-dyed by Nakajima herself.

180 x 125 mm. Concertina Binding. 18 pages with hand-painted ribbon
Design: Rin Takehiro
Japanese / English language.