Forest Mind: On the Interconnection of All Life

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An exploration into Forest Mind - how all living things are fundamentally interconnected and interdependent.

This way of being, seeing and living is common among indigenous cultures and ancient civilisations throughout history and is essential to Chinese Daoism and Buddhism, yet has been crushed under the force of colonialism and capitalist extraction, all driven by a misguided Western scientific and religious doctrine that asserts human dominance over nature.

A recent project by Swiss artist Ursula Biemann, took her to the Andean Amazon territories of Southern Columbia. She spent time with local indigenous communities, to understand climate change and the ecologies of oil, ice, forest and water. She took part in Ayahuasca ceremonies, entered into Forest Mind, then delved deep into exploring the intersections of scientific knowledge and indigenous wisdom.

This remarkable book brings the reader into Forest Mind and a way of looking, living and deep re-connection: the path to salvation.

Published by Spector Books, 2022.