Here And Now - Rinko Kawauchi

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Here And Now is an extraordinary photographic picture book with photographs by Rinko Kawauchi accompanied by a poem from Shuntaro Tanikawa.

This photobook, a visual gift of grace, stillness and reflection, has been composed and sequenced by Kawauchi herself so that the words and images respond to each other. The art direction and design by Hideyuki Saito leads the flow of the pages with each word encompassing a rhythm.

The images and words bring us to the present moment through a series of perfect 'ah' moments, gently leading us to the 'Here And Now' and reminding us where we should aim to be. 

197 x 220 mm, Hardback, 64 pages.

Poetry: Shuntaro Tanikawa

Photographs: Rinko Kawauchi

Design: Hideyuki Saito

Languages: Japanese / English