How To Resist Amazon And Why

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Bookshops reopen today in England and Wales, so here's a book-shaped opportunity to re-join society the right way!

Another fine addition to the infamous 'unlikely how to guides' selection at Errant Books: How To Resist Amazon And Why.

The craic is this: Amazon's workers are dying on the job, their business model depends upon crushing local businesses while also grinding publishers and suppliers into the dust, warehouse workers piss in bottles to meet quotas and even their delivery drivers are held on dodgy contacts that means they can end the week owing more to the company than they earned - I mean, you have to wonder why you might associate yourself with Amazon at all.

More so when the boss is literally the richest human in the universe and his staff can barely survive.

Choice isn't quite illegal yet, so choose to give this a go and nice up your consumer behaviour. This lively, well-researched tale from bookstore owner Danny Caine lifts the lid on some of those ruthless and inhumane practices we all want to pretend aren't really happening, then lays out how to shift your personal money and civic investments away from corporate transnational vampires towards the small, the local, the independent, the true.

Caine spells out a path of personal resistance and how to proceed and do the right thing. A fine book for coming out of lockdown into a braver new world.


A little traceability check - know where your mind-food comes from:

Author: Independent bookseller Danny Caine, who owns the Raven Book and Zine store in Kansas, USA, who believes "reading books won't fix the world's problems, but the empathy and knowledge gained from reading can be a good start".

Publisher: Microcosm, an independent and vertically integrated publishing house that equips readers to make positive changes in their lives and in the world around them, based in Portland, USA.

UK Distributor: Turnaround Books, an independent book distributor based in London that has been serving UK bookshops, comic stores and galleries since 1984.

Purchasing the book from Errant supports this chain of compassionate, book loving and community minded people. No-one is getting rich any time soon or ever, but we are all on a mission to make things a little bit better with the little bit we have.

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