Matter by Aleix Plademunt

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*Awarded the Silver Medal for Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2022 (awarded 2023)*

A photographic examination of matter as the basis of life across 640 pages, comprising 603 photographs in an exquisitely designed thread-sewn softcover book.

This book chronicles the most extensive photographic project to date from Spanish photographer Aleix Plademunt. The project began in 2013, setting out to address the age-old question of our existence by delving into the foundation of all life: matter.

Matter is a constant. It was there from the beginning and it will remain long into the future. The word matter is derived from mater, the Latin word for mother: it refers to the foundational substance from which all things are made. In English, the word can also indicate urgency or importance: something to be concerned about.

Born of the Big Bang, matter itself appears inert, motionless, unable to reproduce. But it leads to life. During its life cycle an organism undergoes many changes; it grows, learns, evolves and dies; but matter, the underlying fabric of reality, the magic star dust, always remains. 

Aleix Plademunt, born in 1980 in Girona, studied technical engineering and received a degree in photography from UPC, Barcelona, in 2003. Since then, he has worked on numerous personal photographic projects and featured in over forty group shows and twenty individual exhibitions, highlights include Matter at MACBA Museum (Barcelona, 2021) and Almost There at the Le Bal (Paris, 2014).

First Edition.