Nathalie Du Pasquier - Sempre Milanese (Yellow Edition)

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Foundational member of the legendary 1980's Italian architecture and design collective the Memphis Group, illustrator and designer Nathalie Du Pasquier is a French artist and designer who has lived in Milan since 1979. She has also created iconic work for fashion labels such as Fiorucci, Hermes and Valentino.

Du Pasquier's extensive range of designs for decorated surfaces such as fabrics, carpets and furniture played a key role in the creation of the unmistakable post-modern Memphis style. She switched focus from design to painting in 1987 and her work now appears here as visually joyful balance of the two disciplines: bold, electric colours emmeshed with the structural forms of architecture and sculpture. 

The book Sempre Milanese is selection of over 50 artworks from the early 80's to today. The Yellow Edition is a new, expanded version of the original made in 2019, with an extra 16 pages of images added.

Paperback, 64 pages, 17 x 22cm.