Not Far From The Junction

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No its not a book about adidas trainers, it’s about something even more old school: Hitchhiking.

Hitching. Remember that? Well nostalgic. Getting a lift to the festival with a random and chain-smoking all the way. Good times.

Anyway, the writer Will Ashon was thinking about how these random conversations in cars were unique moments filled with potential, so he decided to go hitchhiking and record chats with people who stopped and let him hop in.

This book is a resonant document of the dreams, hopes, fears and obsessions of the various people that picked him up. It's warming and fascinating - good chats with generous souls.

Will Ashon set up and ran the Big Dada Record label and has also written books about Bluewater shopping centre, the Wu-Tang Clan and mystical woodlands, so quality comes as standard here.

You could read this book in less than an hour, but what a good hour that would be - grab one and feel good about fellow random folk. Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet!

New copies available here. Paperback. Published in 2020 by Open Pen.