of Lichen & Moss

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This beautiful small hardback book contains a series of short texts about lichen and moss by Erica Van Horn alongside illustrations by Kate Van Houten. A tribute and meditation on nature, this book is like the pleasingly shaped smooth stone you find by the river and stuff into your pocket, squeezing it in your hand as you continue along the path.


The publisher, Coracle, based in rural Tipperary, intentionally avoid commercial and mainstream publishing, concerning themselves with manifesting art and writing that leans toward the poetic into the form of a book. To do so they collaborate with artists, writers, poets and editors to make simple, elegant and joyous books such as this.

"we continue to wave a small handkerchief at the world, though decorative & equally unpractical, most probably purchased from some bazaar or emporium a considerable remove away from the chain-stores of the high street."


Erica Van Horn is an American artist (and writer, editor, printer, bookmaker, and publisher) long transplanted to Ireland where she runs Coracle Press with her husband Simon Cutts. Her outsider’s acumen is trained on the minutiae of daily life, collecting visual and textual details of what is often overlooked or seemingly insignificant.

Kate Van Houten is an artist based in Paris, though she is originally from the US. Fascinated by the form of natural materials, she makes us recognize its history as well as the graceful sensuality through her works. Her deep interest in nature and its materiality is reflected through various methods of her diverse artistic style.

Edition of 300 copies. Published in 2022 by Coracle.