Panorama by Merle Kroger

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Panorama by Merle Kroger (Translated by Rubaica Jaliwala).

Navina Sundaram is sitting in an editing room in Hamburg. She has managed to reduce the complexity of the Kemual Altun case to the required two minutes and forty seconds for a political magazine; a journalistic feat considering the legal terminology and the international political situation. She places her interview with the trial judge at the back, foregrounding the best-known deportation prisoner of the republic. The phone rings. She answers. Peter says, "Did you hear? Kemal jumped out of the window in the courtroom. He's dead."

Part of the new 'Howdunnit' series, part crime literature and part archival research, exploring how different modes of investigation converge and diverge.

Published by Kayfa-ta & Archive Books, 2022.