Penta by Emma Kunz

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Penta by Emma Kunz.

The fascination with Emma Kunz (1892–1963) has never been greater than it is today. Much that the researcher, healer and artist anticipated with her holistic way of thinking is now taken for granted in contemporary art.

Living a secluded life in Switzerland, Kunz produced some 500 characteristic drawings on graph paper, using a divining pendulum to map out invisible energy flows. She used the drawings as a tool for her extraordinary method of curing patients and achieved a legendary series of healing successes.

Born into near poverty, Emma Kunz is said to have become aware of her special clairvoyant and radiaesthetic (radiation-reading) abilities at an early age. She also worked with numerology, researched in the field of herbalism, medicine, nature study and the supernatural, the magical, the visionary.

At this time she began to ask her acquaintances to call her ‘Penta’. In 1942 Emma Kunz is said to have discovered Aion A, the healing rock that is still available from Swiss pharmacies, in a quarry in Würenlos that had been used since Roman times – and is known today as the Emma Kunz Grotto.

Books about Emma Kunz are scarce and now expensive, so this new book provides an opportunity to marvel at this beautifully reproduced collection of her drawings.

24 Pages
24.5 x 24.5 cm
Colour Offset
First Edition 2021

Published by Nieves, 2021. Paperback. Condition: New.