Plant Scans by Jamie Yeo

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Like a present day homage to Anna Atkins 1843 botanical survey Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions, the first ever photography book, Plant Scans is a book of beautifully rendered scans of plant life that encourages us to notice the small and simple beauty that surrounds us everyday, to appreciate and examine it more closely, and enjoy the benefits and rewards of re-connecting with nature.

Every copy is unique in that each has randomly ordered pages, a deliberate reference to the way we might come across fallen leaves, blossoms, and plants as we wander along the street or in the park.

The book also comes with a small magnifying sheet, allowing the aspiring botanist in all of us to better observe the minute details found in this collection of organic delights.

Conceived and designed by Singapore-based graphic designers Jamie Yeo and Gideon Kong.

Second Edition of 350 copies.

Published by Temporary Press, Singapore.