Amsterdam Photos Robby Muller

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This large-sized publication presents 63 photos of Amsterdam by cinematographer Robby Muller (1940-2018). The photos were published every Monday in the Dutch newspaper 'Het Parool' in 2019 and 2020, all selected and provided with an accompanying text by Andrea Muller-Schirmer.

Her short, associative writings offer insight into Muller's working method, his fascination and experimentation with light. The book is intended as an ode to the special and particular light of Amsterdam, as seen through the eyes of Muller, and it also serves as a tribute to analogue photography.

The book features texts by Andrea Muller-Schirmer and Bianca Stigter and is designed by Linda van Deursen.

Large format: 29.7 × 40.5cm. Published 2023.