Sunset Cocktails

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Recreate sundown bliss on the sandy beaches of the white island with your cool new accomplice to a fine weekend ahead: Sunset Cocktails! From golden glowing ice cubes to charcoal dust, dip into this for a sensory sunset-inspired cocktail recipes to enliven that special hour.

In 2020, French artist and architect Guillaume Aubry (born 1982) asked the celebrated Paris-based American mixologist Sterling Hudson to translate his research on sunsets into cocktail recipes. Sunset Cocktails presents 12 cocktails inspired by the beauty of a sunset, from the dazzling "Regulus," whose saffron ice cube glows gold once submerged in vermouth, to the "Grand Soir," a liquid sunset that infuses a dusting of charcoal into a crisp glass of vodka.

With luxurious full-color photos of the cocktails and the sunsets that inspired them, this small-format, neat hardback is a gem of joy for all those who like to raise the level, the good vibes and their glasses.