The Right Way To Do Wrong

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"You who live your life in placid respectability know but little of the real life of the denizens of this world."

Originally published in 1906, The Right Way To Do Wrong is Harry Houdini's masterclass in subversion. The world's greatest illusionist interviewed criminals and police officers in order to find out how to commit perfect, undetectable crimes. Great tales of famous swindles, hustles, burglaries and frauds are casually and wittily shared, along with the insider tips on how to do it yourself.

The book also reveals the secrets behind Houdini's own celebrated deceptions: slipping off handcuffs, sword swallowing and escaping from being tied up with rope. Houdini also takes pleasure in exposing the methods of his lesser rivals with no regard for trade secrets.

Houdini proves himself to be as adept at entertaining writing as he was at magic tricks. An excellent little guide to magic and mischief.