The Vulgarity of Being Three Dimensional by Tine Bek

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Danish photographic artist Tine Bek looks out at the everyday world and sees curious forms, shapes and sculptural objects all around. Her acute sensory attention extends to the subtleties of colour and homes in on tactile textures of fabric and skin.

Images of shapes that run over, flow, crumble and bulge out. An excess of uncontrolled forms that in the sculptural tradition have been dismissed as vulgar or possibly baroque.

Bek’s photographs tend to seem uneasy, as if something might go wrong. Her images impose a sense of discomfort, little cracks beneath the surface. It is through these minutiae ruptures in the surfaces she exposes that a material hierarchy forms – she asks you to scratch through the surface and to see what’s behind.

Tine Bek (born in 1988) is a Danish visual artist who primarily works with photography, video and sculpture. She studied History before graduated from Fatamorgana – The Danish School of art Photography and Glasgow School of Art, where she holds a Master degree in Fine Art Photography.